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Inspiring greater ideas

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“A journey worthwhile”

Kwanjai Sripurijarnya, Client

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“A home created from the intention of being close to nature and living simply.  Calmly listening to the sound of the wind, lying down to look at the stars.”

Dr. Anun Suwantawakup, Client

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“Every day is my day” 

Anuchit Vacharawongchai, Client

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“As AJ. Kovit would say Less is More, for me, to design a house as such is far from easy with all the requirements from the start.  The design of the exterior to the interior works shows how much care was given to every detail. The intention to create a design of surreal simplicity yet on closer inspection, spells of hidden luxury and timelessness. There were many challenges before becoming a house. Like life, one has to go through difficulties to taste success. From nothing to success is not easy, yes it is like a comparison, Victory.” 

Suppakit Ngamchitcharoen, Client

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“I love this house and love everything about the house, the design, the functionality, the colors and the process of creating it with K Kovit” 

Kitja Eiameaksuwan, Client

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“Yui thinks of the moon that is full and in complete form because the design uses the spherical forms and is replicated in different areas. 

This design is in line with being a training center that nurtures new entrepreneurs making me reflect on the words “ Shining Bright”

Valarlak Ngamchitcharoen, Client

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“It feels as if we are not living in just a dream but it is a beautiful and pleasant dream. My house will be my legacy. And Kovit is the one behind it.” 

Narong Srichukrin, Client