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‘ The cutting edge in Simplicity Classic Modern design ’ 

This project discovers a possibility of design that is not only limited to innovative ideas but as an expression of the residents. This is reflected and told in a story of architectural styling and interior works within the context of “The cutting edge in Simple Classic Modern Design”

The modern architecture language has a hint of the modernism of the  80’s
which there is a sense of smooth, still and sharp language in its portrayal. 

The story is told through the usability of the spaces starting from the semi outdoor area which connects the flow between the interior and the gardens at the front and back, and seamlessly, bringing the lake at the back into its storyline.

The interior adds to the storyline of the characteristics of a postmodern era which enhances the identity and yet exuding with simplicity that reflects the classics of the past. 

The story is completed and reflected clearly as the expression of the identity of the residents.

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