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‘ Sense of Well Being, In Tranquility and in
Transformed Thai Ambience. ’ 

Bringing forth a new way of home living under the context of  Well being and Tranquility and Transformed Thai Ambience.   To present the experience of the sense of well being and peace,  heightening our senses of quality living. 

Through using the language of architecture with the formation of flowing spaces, whether it is the continuation of space to space, the elevations from low to high or narrow to wide, whether it is the overlapping of open spaces within open spaces or inner courts interconnecting with outer courts, varying in sizes, the experience is enlivened.  From the simple patterned triangular shapes to represent the front of the  Thai traditional houses to the gable roofs accentuating the transformed Thai style,  these new forms realize Thai traditional living in a new interpretation from conventional Thai style.

Sight, taste, light and time is experienced through the nature of various materials -  the wood lined with patterns that accentuate its natural beauty, the nature of marble fossils created with a special  texture of  the marble that brings out its  strength and its softness with each light changes of the day and the nature of steel that highlights the modern experience that sharpens the lines with clarity beyond time.  All in tribute to an experience of an atmosphere that does not define whether you are inside or outside, all that is there is the experience of living life. 

You are in the presence of the imagination that is behind all the details of
the architecture  that is within the created context – the coming  together of the furniture with the other details brings forth the   Sense of Well Being, In Tranquility and in Transformed Thai Ambience.


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