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AIO focuses on the interplay of Architecture, Interior, Lighting and Landscapes.


Our Architects

Since Architecture and Interior Office Company Limited was established in 2002, Kovit Suriyaporn, principal architect and founder, with over twenty years of working experience, has been crafting his projects based on the philosophy as the name of the firm spells. Architecture is an art created by the interplay of interior and exterior spaces, orchestrated with the poetic use of space, natural light, lines and textures. The design philosophy is beautiful, practical and comfortable and strives to create mindfulness, calmness and tranquility and yet it has the power to evoke sensuous emotions and to inspire. AIO’s designs endeavor to transcend trend and time, to create lifestyle spaces, inspired by the cultural and climatic conditions of each individual surrounding.

Meet the team

Our team consists of experienced architects and designers under the direction of Kovit Suriyaporn.

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Principal Architect & Founder

Kovit Suriyaporn                           

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